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Management & Strategy
Use IoT to Enhance Omnichannel Experience

Check out how the Internet of Things (IoT) brings new meaning to the omnichannel customer experience that allows a new level of engagement.

Management & Strategy
Fintech Revolution of The Customer Experience

The FinTech revolution will continue to affect the everyday lives of business owners and individuals in the foreseeable future; and here’s how businesses can easily adapt to drastic technology-driven changes to stay ahead of the competition and meet customers’ needs.

Management & Strategy
Omnichannel Strategy Part 1

Omnichannel is the hot new buzzword used in discussions about customer experience. So whether you are a Marketing or Customer Experience executive it will only take 3 minutes to choose the right way to set solid foundations for Omnichannel marketing initiatives.


Marketing and customer journey
Go Digital First or Not

Companies are facing rapid digital transformations from internal operations, marketing and product delivery due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. However, many factors have to be taken into account before moving to digital. Watch this video to know what companies need to consider when transforming their operations digitally.

Marketing in a Cookieless World ▬ How to Navigate The Cookie Change

The digital landscape is on the verge of a dramatic shift. Learn how to build a long-term, sustainable solution that will withstand the upcoming data privacy regulations to efficiently meet the needs of people without third-party cookies.


How to Optimise The Customer Journey With Marketo Engage

Learn how you can easily optimise the customer journey with Marketo to identify, engage and speed up the customer experience from start to finish and across multiple channels and touchpoints.


Marketing and customer journey
Consumer Behaviour Changed, But Which Changes will Last?

As consumer touchpoints increasingly migrate online and consumer behavioural pattern changes, it is important to understand how human nature manifests itself in a digital environment to help companies innovate on products and initiate marketing initiatives in the future.

Marketing and customer journey
How to Select A Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Finding the right Customer Data Platform (CDP) for your company is not an easy process. Check out this comprehensive guide to help you easily identify the best CDP for your company.

Marketing and customer journey
Combine Emotion and Data to Deliver A Personalised Customer Experience

Learn how to embrace advanced data, analytics and technologies like automated machine learning to deliver a personalised and relevant customer experience across all channels.

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