Rise Above Any Challenge With B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns

Leverage Behavioural Campaigns to orchestrate omnichannel B2C customer journey and remain adaptable in changing markets in 2021 and beyond.

We have seen Covid-19 impacting consumers’ daily schedules, work-life environments, consumption habits, and ultimately behaviours. The trend towards the higher usage of digital channels for shopping, payment and services will leave marketers having to find creative solutions to optimise their brand’s presence online without damaging the customer experience.

As we adapt to the changes, we can expect to see a rise in data-driven marketing tactics fueled by the increased need to follow customer sentiment and track their activities across multiple channels. Thus, customer interactions will become more contextualised and hyper-personalised to the situation they find themselves in.

Moreover, many B2C companies will uncover the growing necessity of running marketing intelligence and predictive analytics to ensure organisational agility in the future.

Change is afoot

During times of uncertainty, companies have learned the importance of showing up online to cultivate trust with their customers.Trust is established by delivering value to customers through the responsible use of data and providing an empathetic and tailored experience to the customer’s immediate needs. Therefore, post-Covid, having a streamlined and personalised omnichannel experience, will be the needle-moving component of achieving brand loyalty.

Key drivers of change in the new normal:

  • Consumers are switching brands at unprecedented rates
  • Shoppers have moved online, where many will stay
  • Trust and empathy are becoming the main differentiators
  • Omnichannel presence is increasing in importance

To meet customer needs in the years ahead of us, companies will have to identify critical customer behaviours and pivot their actions to match those. As a result, data-driven marketing techniques such as B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns are rising in popularity across industries.

The need for B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns


B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns apply marketing data to target customers based on their profile characteristics, demographics, preferred channels, behavioural and purchase patterns to deliver hyper-personalised content explicitly designed to convert visitors to customers.B2C Behavioural Campaigns merge the most impactful marketing techniques, such as Omnichannel Marketing, Integrated Marketing, and Event-driven Marketing, into a future-ready approach.

B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns help businesses:

  • Maximise ROI of marketing technology
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase conversions
  • Drive brand loyalty
  • Keep marketing agility
  • Apply data to predict outcomes

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Key ingredients of B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaign

Consistent Omnichannel Engagement

As we move our focus from traditional “brick-and-mortar” stores, we are faced with the decision of choosing the optimal channels for our product placements and customer interactions.

For best results, organisations can:

  • Use marketing technology platforms to track customer behaviour and channel preference
  • Leverage data to understand customer behavioural patterns and match them
  • Implement agile channel strategies that can quickly pivot to emerging trends

B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns ensure an agile and data-driven approach for B2C organisations as they can track, measure, test and shift their activities even during the campaign.

Event-driven Marketing

Research shows customers are more inclined to switch brands in the post-Covid world. In fact,  75% of US-based consumers are executing new shopping behaviours in response to the effects of the global pandemic.

To stay on top of customer behavioural changes, marketing strategies such as Event-driven Marketing (EDM) provide the fitting solution. In essence, EDM means responding to changes in customer demands.

Event-driven Marketing operates in a couple of steps:

  1. Identify triggers/events in the customer journey
  2. Address the triggers with contextualised messages

With many marketing plans being disrupted due to market changes, making new choices about how to allocate funding will become simpler if we keep a close eye on the customer and rely on data-driven marketing and as we go forward.


Today’s marketing technology capabilities, such as micro-segmentation and machine learning, enable organisations to deliver hyper-tailored experiences to customers. In a world where contextualised engagement is increasing in importance, these campaigns provide a route to more effective selling.

Hyper-personalisation helps businesses:

  • Personalise content to maximise revenue
  • Reduce customer acquisition and retention costs
  • Elevate customer experience to a new level

Hyper-personalisation and contextualisation start with data that serves to unify marketing interactions across channels and customer journey stages. As a result, hyper-personalised campaigns bring custom and targeted experiences down to the individual level.


B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns in action


B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns can be applied across various industries. Here, we bring you an example of our client, a UK-based mobile network provider implementing Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns to achieve lucrative results.Our client’s challenge was differentiation against other mobile network service providers, which led to lost sales opportunities. The solution had to go beyond the standard marketing practices, such as advertising, to resolve the challenge effectively.

Behavioural Response designed a solution that aimed at:
  • Improving online buyer’s journey
  • Enhancing the overall customer experience
  • Incorporating new strategies to recoup lost sales opportunities

The solution included implementing Adobe Analytics Cloud that helped identify the website visitors (over 60%) who abandoned their shopping cart after proceeding with website check-out.

We combined the real-time data with historical and survey data points to create email campaigns based on predetermined business rules in the company’s email marketing engine.

We created behavioural models that will follow customer behaviour changes across channels and address them directly through Event-driven email campaigns.

The emails helped bring back customers to the website and complete the initial transaction.

Results included:
  • 15% decrease in lost sales opportunities
  • 75% open rate for follow-up emails
  • 1700% return on strategic marketing investments
  • 7% net increase in online sales through strategic programs

Final thoughts

With the advancements in technology and the accelerated growth of new digital channels, B2C organisations have the opportunity to collect relevant customer data to provide a hyper-personalised experience and reap the benefits of such an approach.

To learn more about B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns and how they can help your business grow even during times of uncertainty, reach out to our team to have a chat.

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B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns

Enable marketing technology to drive superior results

B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns

help organisations leverage marketing technology to identify critical customer behaviour and respond with adaptive, contextual and hyper-personalised messaging.

B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns apply marketing data to create segments based on subtle customer characteristics such as demographics, preferred channels, beliefs, values, and behavioural patterns to meet customers where they are and reveal a contextually relevant path to purchase.

The Behavioural Campaigns Benefits

Maximise ROI

Discover the immense potential behind your marketing technology by properly utilising its capabilities and unveiling any dormant features that bring value to the customer. Generate new revenue by applying technology strategically and cost-effectively.

Become customer-centric

Set your company up for success by implementing data-driven and technology-led marketing practices to ensure customer-centricity. Create a successful company future by focusing on what matters the most.

Increase customer lifetime value

Delight your customers with relevant and contextually appropriate offers to cultivate long-term benefits, including increased lifetime value. Make your customers come back for more by building a trusting and mutually beneficial relationship with your company.

Uncover new customer segments

Monetise omitted customer segments by exercising strategic segmentation. Design highly relevant customer journeys that yield results over more extended periods. Leave no customer behind and understand every behavioural pattern behind various customer cohorts.

Increase customer engagement

Connect with customers on their terms by dynamically engaging with relevant and highly personalised messages. Establish trusting relationships and drive engagement forward organically. Collect customer insight to keep your communications consistent and value-driven at all times.

Boost brand awareness

Reach new markets with specifically designed, omnipresent and highly-targeted campaigns. Devise relevant messaging to boost brand awareness among primary customer segments and reveal new opportunities to offer added value to customers.

Fuel product or service launch

Empower product launches by uncovering specific customer segments, their preferred journey and behavioural patterns. Promote your offering to highly-targeted customer groups, look-a-like audiences and contextually appropriate markets to maximise the impact of your efforts.

Achieve brand advocacy

Create memorable and value-filled customer experiences to pave the way to brand advocacy. Leverage customer data to identify your customers’ most profound wants and needs to bring an unshakeable level of service and enjoy the benefits of such an approach.

Become agile

Iterate and adapt quickly as per the market shifts. Enable real-time data collection and sentiment analysis to stay on top of your customers’ minds and swiftly pivot your messaging to match their changing behaviour. Stay relevant and valuable regardless of the external circumstances.

Case study: How B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns Help Retailers Increase Revenue

B2C Behavioural Campaigns Impact

Behavioural Campaigns help organisations safely expand their marketing practice and achieve results such as increased profits, customer-centricity, empowering digital transformation, and organisational agility.

Our B2C clients have seen results such as:

  • Increased basket size
  • Maximised technology ROI
  • Increased sales 
  • Higher customer engagement rates
  • Increased marketing agility
  • Decrease in lost sales opportunities

The need for B2C Behavioural Campaigns

Behavioural Campaigns are the bridge between the latest technology innovations and changing customer demands. Organisations nowadays have enormous potential with their martech stack, and often it’s underutilised. Working with various companies across different markets, we noticed the tendency for companies to invest a significant amount of resources in implementing technology solutions with no clear plan to maximise return on investment.

Digital transformation is only the first step. Applying the new marketing practice rooted in a data-driven, strategic, compliant and customer-centric mentality is the next step.

Behavioural Response created Behavioural Campaigns to supply the demand and help our clients progress on their digital transformation journey while keeping agility as their foundation.

We know technology. We know marketing. We’ve got you covered.

Our process

We apply our awareness of underlying behavioural drivers across different market segments and territories along with our marketing technology expertise and countless lessons derived from successful projects to deliver groundbreaking upgrades. Our practice is always result-driven, focused on improving the bottom line, and we let excellence imprint every step of the way.
We are curious about human nature, which drives us to discover the subtle behavioural patterns that indicate new sales potential. Our process is adaptable to your circumstances, continuously leveraging data and following regulatory practices to create the best possible results.

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