SRG Holding uses SAP Sales Cloud to close more deals

See how the Behavioural Response implementation team helped Real Estate businesses implement SAP Sales Cloud C4C to close more sales

Industry: Real Estate

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Technology we’ve used

SAP Hana Cloud Integration
SAP Marketing Cloud
SAP Sales Cloud

The challenge:

1. Existing CRM (on-premise) was not scalable to meet business needs.

2. Existing system had no support for multiple channels, inaccurate analytics, and no access to applications in mobile or offline mode.

The Solution:

1. Deployed a cloud-based sales & service automation solution i.e. Sales cloud (cloud for customer).

2. C4C enabled real-time lead scoring, centralized account and opportunity management.

3. Supported multiple channels depending on type of customers with real-time analytics.

4. Helped to deliver right product at right place with application mobility support and improved visit planning

Business achievement:

1. Support for customers anytime, anywhere through free mobile app (device-agnostic) & with offline capabilities.
2. Get predictive insight into customer needs and a complete 360-degree view of the customer.
3. Automated work distribution, email-integration and deals management.
4. Intelligent, Omnichannel ticketing capabilities and enhanced productivity tools for service agents.

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