Anik uses SAP Marketing Cloud to optimize campaigns management

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Industry: Oil & Gas

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Technology we’ve used

SAP Sales Cloud
SAP Hana Cloud Integration
SAP Marketing Cloud

The challenge:

For over 50 years, Anik has been a trusted source of dairy products in India. Owing to its fine production and quality standards, its products have been a favorite across north Indian homes and businesses.

Being sourced from the famed region, Malwa, Anik’s products are the most refined purity, nutrition, and taste. Anik is also renowned for its milk powder which meets international quality standards and is exported to several countries.

Anik was looking at the following optimization of their existing processes.

  1. Segmentation optimization
  2. Campaign optimization
  3. Email automation
  4. Content customization

The Solution:

  1. Implemented an end-to-end marketing solution that helped shorten the customer journey from looking at/discovering the product to its purchase.
  2. Optimised the tasks and campaigns while automating campaign planning.
  3. Optimised sentiment engagement.

Business achievement:

  1. Real-time information about the effect of Anik’s marketing activities allows responding flexibly to changes.
  2. Improved positive customer experience leading to greater customer loyalty and higher sales.
  3. The SAP Marketing Cloud has simplified the daily routine of your marketing department through the consolidation of data sources and automation.
  4. Possibility of different segmentations without any delay in the orders.

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