Sportfive uses SAP Marketing Cloud to attract more leads and foster customer engagement

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Industry: Sports events

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SAP Hana Cloud Integration
SAP Marketing Cloud
SAP Sales Cloud

The challenge:

Sportfive (formerly known as Lagardère Sports and Entertainment) is a globally integrated sports and entertainment marketing agency, delivering a full range of services for sports rights holders, brands, athletes, and media companies. With operations spread to Europe, Asia Pacific, and the US, Sportfive sells sponsorships, hospitality, media, and other solutions related to football, golf, tennis, and Olympic events.

In the digital transformation era, Sportfive as a heavy SAP ecosystem user, was willing to leverage their ERP and CRM data to power Demand Generation and Engagement Campaign via SAP Marketing Cloud across their international markets. 

The Solution:

A solution based on SAP Marketing Cloud has been designed and implemented. This solution was centralizing the data coming from other systems (CRM, ERP, E-commerce, Social Networks, and much more) to enrich Sportfive’s customer database and thus have an accurate view of their behavior and level of engagement.

They were making this solution able to track leads/customers’ interests and even predict their future behavior. Additionally, this solution increased the segmentation capabilities to target particular groups for their campaigns.

This solution increased  Marketing and Sales team alignment by allowing marketers to score and nurture their leads more efficiently before assigning them to the sales teams.

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