Reliance offers world-class shopping experience using SAP

Discover how behavioural Response SAP Marketing Cloud specialists helped retail businesses implement it successfully.

Industry: Retail

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Technology we’ve used

SAP Sales Cloud
SAP Hana Cloud Integration
SAP Marketing Cloud

The challenge:

Since its inception in 2006, Reliance Retail has grown to become India’s largest retailer delivering superior value to its customers, suppliers, and shareholders.

Their nationwide network of retail outlets delivers a world-class shopping environment and unmatched customer experience powered by their state-of-the-art technology and seamless supply-chain infrastructure. 

Here are the challenges experienced by Reliance:

1. Excel used for data collection and Aggregation

2.No integration with the SAP CRM system

3.No integration of Sales cloud and marketing cloud resulting in a significant amount of manual work.

The Solution:

  1. Implementation of iflows through an HCI integration. This resulted in the seamless data flow from Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud to SAP CRM system ( used as backend system )
  2. Synchronization of the data replication and Data creation reducing the master data discrepancy significantly. 

Business achievement:

  1. Seamless integration from Sales cloud to marketing cloud and SAP CRM system.
  2. Easy data replication from Marketing cloud to SAP CRM system.
  3. Master data in synch with all the systems resulting in less manual work and an increase in productivity.
  4. Minimal delay in the data replication

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