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Transform traditional marketing campaigns into customer journeys that engage with its forum members and reach out to others across the world and all touchpoints

Annual meetings and summits like Davos, ASEAN, Global Shapers or New Champions, World Economic Forum aims at improving the state of the world by serving as a trusted partner of all the stakeholders of global society by engaging leaders of society to define challenges, solutions, and actions.

With event hosting more than 3,000 participants, of which 900 are chief executives or company chairs and more than 70 are world leaders, World Enconomic Forum made the choice to implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud to engage with its forum members and reach out to others across the world.

Salesforce Marketing was meant to help automate, connect and orchestrate their events lifecycle customer journeys

Custom connector to feed an email performance dashboard

World Economic Forum is fully aware that once you rely on advanced automation and have an intensive email sending activity you need to know  “What’s going on?”.

That’s why they decided to make the most out of their Salesforce Marketing Data by building an email dashboard used and accessed by all Forum staff. This dashboard was meant to be the “one place shop & single source of truth” for all Salesforce Marketing Cloud email activities by providing performance insights to teams on a day‐to‐day operational basis but also as a long term strategic/decision-making source on how they can improve their communication to members & partners.

Behavioural Response supported World Economic Forum in making the dashboard data available by developing a custom connector sending the data to the dashboard platform according to specific rules.

This centralised email dashboard allowed World Economic Forum to make better use of the available data, turn data into value‐add insights and actions to improve the overall experience for their members & partners.

Setup a dedicated unsubscribe process for a newsletter

A dedicated unsubscription process was required for newsletter communications, which unsubscribes the user only from the communication type and avoids manual record creation in the exclusion list. At that time, all the newsletter emails had a standard unsubscribe page, which on clicking will unsubscribe the user from all types of communications. Users were then added manually to an exclusion list.

Salesforce marketing cloud provides a publication list as a default option for this type of email communication which serves this purpose. However, User Initiated send does not support the publication list; instead, it supports the exclusion list. To bypass this limit, Behavioural Response team mimicked the Publication list functionality through a custom unsubscribe microsite page.

Advantages of the solution for the World Economic Forum:

  1. Simple to configure, with no coding knowledge required.
  2. No manual process of adding records.
  3. Simple to maintain and implement.
  4. Any future enhancement can be done quickly without any heavy rework.

Event registration confirmation email automation

Ensuring that political leaders, influential CEOs, and prominent opinion leaders attend events requires perfect orchestration and organisation as a marketing campaign.

That’s why the Behavioural Response team helped the World Economic Forum set up the sophisticated automation of their events registration email confirmation.

The result?

  • Confirmation triggered according to criteria data coming from other sources.
  • Successful multiple recipients (members cabinet or assistant) reach
  • Attendance maximized

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