Televisa uses market intelligence and predictive modeling to detect new opportunities

Discover how we helped Media businesses leverage market intelligence and predictive modeling to detect new opportunities

Industry: Media

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The challenge:

Improve the Grupo Televisa positioning in digital media, capitalizing on its opportunities such as productions, news spots, sports productions, and telecommunications businesses.

The Solution:

Implementation of a solution leveraging Xpectus Revelio intelligence and prospective capabilities.

This solution provided a comprehensive strategy that improved the company’s brand’s value, based mainly on stakeholders’ monitoring, interests, and related issues.

The measurement and analysis of digital media conversation and its impact, performed regularly, has substantially improved the company’s brand equity in digital media.

Business achievement:

1. Stakeholders’ identification and classification improved clients’ understanding and helped refine their interest topics.

2. Public perception of Grupo Televisa has been systematically improved (for the last seven years).

3. Increased accuracy of intelligence analysis on interest topics.

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