Enel uses digital media monitoring to detect risks and opportunities

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The challenge:

Enel wanted to know the conversations taking place in the digital media, mainly around their brands Enel and Enel Green Power in Mexico, that allows them to detect and measure risks in the event of any particular situation.

The objective was also to generate reports and analytics on the information collected daily, weekly, monthly basis according to their needs.

The Solution:

We provided a service of surveillance (monitoring), analysis, and digital intelligence with real-time information about risks and opportunities in digital media around their client, renewable energies, as well as relevant stakeholders, the energy industry, and competition.

Also, specific analysis, scheduled to be sent automatically, contained predictive scenarios that allow decisions to be made based on digital intelligence.

Business achievement:

1.Real-time Alerts (24/7) sent via Telegram about brand, industry, competition, as well as customer interest topics.

2.For risks or opportunities, analysis with scope allowed to assess the stakeholders’ positive and negative attitudes. Additionally were issued strategic and tactical recommendations for Enel and Enel Green Power México.

3.Analysis of scenarios and the prediction of impact on business objectives are now performed in the case of conjunctures.

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