CHEP monitors globally digital marketplace to fight against product theft

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The challenge:

Chep had a high volume of stolen pallets sold illegally in marketplaces in the 76 countries where it operates.

The Solution:

We provided Chep with a surveillance solution, in real-time, that identifies the publications that users make in the major marketplaces of the countries where Chep has a local operation to sell their pallets (these are registered trademarks) fraudulently.

In those publications where the email is available to contact the user, an email is sent (using a template that Chep provided) in the country’s language to inform the user of their fraudulent activity.

Benefits and results:

1. In real-time 24/7, surveillance service monitors the significant marketplaces and pages for buying/selling items, such as MercadoLibre, Facebook Marketplace, Alibaba, Milanuncios, Súbito, Craigslist, eBay, etc. tracking CHEP pallet postings. The surveillance performed in the respective language of each monitored country.

2. A report is sent with a summary of the monitoring service’s activity and the publications identified by the country.

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