Aviva Offers a unified digital experience to personal and business customers

Discover how Behavioural Response helped insurance firms implement/improve Adobe Campaign Standard or Classic and solutions from Adobe Marketing Cloud suite

Industry: Insurance

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Technology we’ve used

Sales Cloud
Adobe Analytics
(Adobe Marketing Cloud)

The challenge:

  • Achieve digital transformation without compromising customer experience while going paperless.
  • Keep Personal and Business customer interest in Aviva’s brands and products while engaging them across different channels (omnichannel engagement)
  • Use real-time targeting and personalized interactions to offer a memorable experience to customers.
  • Scale operations efficiency by running personal and business customers interactions from a single platform
  • Ensure data privacy of the customers

The Solution:

How Aviva used Adobe Campaign  as

“A cross-channel campaign management tool that helps improve and personalize campaigns across all media.”

Benefits and results:

Paperless communication increased by 40%, whereas paper communication is still practiced for selective customers and wherever required.

Achieved Omnichannel targeting where customers have been targeted over Email, SMS, Facebook, and AdWords on Google search for better product reach

Real-Time communication decreased the waiting time of any customer request and increased the efficiency and satisfaction of the customer.

Advanced Personalization has been dramatically simplified by serving users with the most relevant information and making adjustments to email communications.

With a secure environment, different business customers started interacting with confidence. Moreover, the solution is GDPR compliant. It also helped Aviva execute various campaigns towards the right customer without worrying about the data cross-flowing.

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