Toyota uses market intelligence analysis to find the most attractive market to launch a new model

See how we used Social and Digital media audience listening to perform an automotive sector intelligence analysis for a car marker

Industry: Automotive

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Technology we’ve used

Xpectus Revelio
Xpectus Patronum

The challenge:

Identify new target groups and place the communication focus to expand the sales potential of a new model car planned to be launched by January 2021 in Mexico.

The Solution:

An intelligence analysis based on digital media conversations in Mexico, where the client could determine the familiarity level, relevance, and expectation of the model, compared to the competition, the purchase triggers that will push users to change vehicles, the main inhibiting barriers expressed by potential customers, the needs and purchase considerations in the search for cars in this segment.

This information was cross-checked with analytical data from the customer’s digital properties to identify captive market segments of the brand and new patterns of behavior based on demographic data.

Business achievement:

1.3 new target audience segments discovered.

2.Classification of the States in Mexico with the greatest potential demand for the new model.

3. Identification of audience interests related to the attributes of the new model.

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