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Omnichannel marketing engagement platform implementation for Pharmaceuticals.

Industry: Pharmaceutical

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Technology we’ve used

Adobe Analytics
Adobe Campaign

The challenge:

  • Fetch data from 8 Different data portals and make them available to different health units to build the campaigns and target them through various channels.
  • Get real-time transactional communication.
  • Achieve multichannel communication.
  • Make their data environment more secure.

The Solution:

Benefits and results:

SFTP to Adobe analytics helped generate Campaign success Metrics and reports which allowed the client to understand the performance of the campaigns.

Achieved Omnichannel targeting where customers been targeted over Email & SMS

Real-Time communication decreased the waiting time of any customer request and increased the efficiency and satisfaction of the customer.

Personalisation serving users with the most relevant information by adjusting email communications content has been dramatically simplified.

A more secure environment, different markets started interacting with confidence thanks to the compliance of the solution with the GDPR. It also helped to execute different campaigns directed to the right customer without worrying about the data cross-flow.

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