Vodafone uses Adobe Marketing Cloud to recover lost online sales opportunities

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Recovered of lost sales opportunities
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Return on strategic marketing investments
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net increase in online sales through strategic programs
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open rate for follow-up emails

Technology we’ve used

Adobe Analytics
(Adobe Marketing Cloud)

The challenge:

With consumers turning to online retail channels as a preferred method of purchasing , companies like Vodafone were challenged to differentiate themselves from competitors to win customers.

For some companies, this means simply increasing advertising and exposure to drive new traffic and make incremental gains in sales.

However, Vodafone managers took customer engagement a step further by also improving online buying processes, enhancing the overall customer experience, and incorporating new marketing strategies to recoup lost sales opportunities.

The Solution:

By implementing Adobe Analytics  for Vodafone,  Behavioural Response helped  identify that more than 60% of visitors who create a cart start the check out process, but that 80% of them abandoned the process after proceeding with the check out.

Marketers could combine the real-time actionable data with customers’ survey feedback and historical responses to email marketing efforts to create customer behavioral models, which trigger automated emails based on predetermined business rules in the company’s email marketing engine. The targeted emails, supported by the data connectors capability in the Adobe Analytics, and integrated capabilities from an email service provider, were designed to directly address customers’ concerns, bring them back to the Vodafone site, and complete a transaction.

Benefits and results:

15% Recovered of lost sales opportunities

75% open rate for follow-up emails

1700% return on strategic marketing investments

7% net increase in online sales through strategic programs

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