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We Are A Complete “Done For You” Digital Marketing Automation Platform Implementation Service

Behavioural Response is the secret weapon of Software Consultancy and Digital Agency missing opportunities because they don’t have in-house capacities, helping them from project opportunity qualification, pre-sales activities up to the solution implementation.

It All Started With A Great Opportunity…

“We expect global spending on marketing automation tools to surpass $25 billion by 2023 implying a 14% annual growth rate.”

Forrester Research, one of the leading research and advisory firms in the world

That’s a pretty bold statement isn’t it? And it gets even better

“We expect technology spend by CMOs to increase 10x in 10 Years from $12 billion to $120 billion, unlocking a huge opportunity for marketing technology companies and opening the door to the Decade of the CMO.”

Foundation Capital

Sounds Great But Here Is The Catch

“Have You Ever Felt Tied As A Digital Agency or Software Consultancy Firm Owner ?

Or Just Can’t Seem To Put All The Right Pieces Together?”


Subject: Calling Real Business Opportunity Seekers!

Let me ask you first a question:

As the owner of a Digital Agency or Software Consultancy firm  have you ever felt like tied by rope ?

You know what I’m talking about. You’d like to jump into the Digital Marketing Platforms world to sell implementation services…

You have the opportunity

You see the vision

You know exactly what you need to do!

You know how this THING will change your client life and the face of your business…

And then…

You’re Stuck…

It is out of the scope of your capacities…

  • You don’t know how to promote and sell Digital Marketing Platform implementation services.
  • You don’t know how design, build and implement Digital Marketing Platforms solutions.

You then start looking for providers to help you but:

They are too expensive…

They brag about their so-called expertise, but struggle to deliver just “decent” quality work.

Since they are mostly focused on the money they can make from you, they simply don’t care about your clients true expectations, putting your relationship with them at risk

You then decide to try offshore providers… Go offshore is not necessarily a bad idea but beyond the object benefit that it is  CHEAP, there are many challenges to overcome:

lower quality standard, communication problems , cultural gap complicating the understanding of your client context, etc.

With each passing day, your excitement for your big opportunity idea gets dimmer and dimmer until one day it’s gone…

Money wastedtime wasted… with little or nothing to show for it.

Worse…You decide to renounce to the opportunity by concluding “It’s not for me.”

And This Is Where Most Entrepreneurial Dreams Die…

Somewhere between the opportunity idea… and your ability to be supported by the rights persons to make it a sound and lucrative reality.

There has to be a better way right?

Well, I’m here to tell you that there is a better way! I want to introduce you to Behavioural Response “The Conciergerie” Partner Program. A private partner program only onboarding a handful of partners per year all around the world that will let you:


…Seize Opportunities With Confidence!



Yes, The Conciergie Was Created So Businesses Like Yours…

…who aren’t Digital Marketing Platform implementation specialists


..Can Make Their Client More Successful By Easily Offering Them Digital Marketing Platform Implementation Services!

The Conciergerie In Numbers (And Counting)

What It helped Our Partners Achieve

Projects Delivered

Additional Revenue

Global Clients Served

The Platforms We Can Help You With

Let's Have A Talk!

Let's book some time to know each other better and see how we can help you make your Digital Marketing Platform business opportunity a reality

Let Me Show You How It Works:

Step #0: We become part of your team

During this phase we will prepare to become part of your team. Once this step completed we will be ready to:

  • Understand your vision, context and objectives
  • Communicate directly with your client (email, phone, videconference,etc)
  • Lead meetings with your prospect/client
  • Take the ownership of your project
  • And much more.

Oh, I just forgot to mention by the end of this step you will have met the team we established for you. This team of super friendly achievers will remain the same from the beginning up to the end of the project.

Step #1: Commercial support

We help you be great at selling Digital Marketing Platform implementation services to your prospects/clients.

Our team can provide you with an extensive support for marketing, pre-sales and proposal drafting activities.

Step #2: Solution design

In tandem with your team or on our own we can lead workshops to collect your clients requirements, analyze them, challenge them in order to shape the best solution available . According to the project complexity, your expectations, this step can be performed on your client site or remotely.

Step #3: Solution build & Deploy

No matter how complex is the solution to implement our solution specialists got you covered from standard configuration up to custom development. Our build approach always follows the technology vendors and market best practices.

Step #4: Training

We can train your clients to make the most out of the solution we implemented. our training are fully customized according to the needs of the user population to serve (business, technical, administrator,etc).

Step #5: Post deploy & scale

We provide by default a 30-day guarantee on every solution we deploy but if your clients want to go further, we can also help you offer:

  • Technical support/administration of their solution
  • Monthly retainer to setup their marketing campaigns, improve their automations, and much more.

Every Step, Every Activity, Everything Is
Fully Customizable According To Your Needs!

You can hire us only to design, build your client’s solution or even train your client’s users.

Our à-la-carte model is highly flexible…

Our teams organized in geographic hubs allow to service you better and faster in any country of the world, in multiple languages (English, French, Portuguese – more to come)

Need make things happen fast?

No worries we can be ready to go in less than 48 hours!

Let’s Have A Talk!

Let’s book some time to know each other better and see how we can help you make your Digital Marketing Platform business opportunity a reality

By Partnering with Behavioural Response You’ll Be Doing Yourself And Your Company A Huge Favor!

In Less Than 48 hours, You Can Start Any New Project (What Would Have Taken Other Providers Weeks To Do…)

Yes, The Conciergerie Lets You Take The Power Back From The challenges And Risks Of Seizing Opportunities Out Of Your Comfort Zone !

It Gives You The Power You Need To Turn Your Ideas Into Reality… And Into Money.

when you are part of The Conciergerie Partner Program, all you have to do is sit back and relax…

you don’t have anymore to be worried about the quality of the work delivered to your clients…

or simply how to find a truly reliable and knowledgeable partner to assist you…

Because, The Conciergerie Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Market, Sell, AND Successfully Implement Digital Marketing Platforms …

All In One Convenient Spot…

You seriously can’t miss out on this.

But don’t take our word for it…

Unless your business is where you want it to be and you’re able to seize Marketing Platforms implementations opportunities and quickly turn them into profitable ventures…

Then I want you to consider get in touch with us and see for yourself how simple it can be to start offering  Marketing Platforms implementation services… even if you’re not part of the marketing world or you have tried in the past and it didn’t go very well!

Some Of The Brands We’ve Helped Level up Their Marketing Game

How Functions The Conciergerie?

Here are some of the questions we receive regarding The Conciergerie Partner Program

What kind of businesses can apply to become a Partner?

We usually work with :


  • Digital agencies (E-commerce, Social Media, performance marketing, etc)
  • Software Consultancy firms (CRM, ERP, Business Intelligence,etc.)

However if your business is none of the above and you think The Conciergerie can be relevant, feel free to reach out. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.


Our pricing model depends mainly on the project length, complexity, delivered onsite or remotely. To give you the most accurate answer possible I suggest you to get in touch with us. However we always ensure each project is profitable operation for our partners.

How long is the partnership?

Our partnership is generally valid for a year, if you enjoyed working with us feel free to renew it for an additional year. During this year you can use our services on a project basis.

How much does it cost To join?

Nothing. Nada. Rien. It’s absolutely Free

How do we choose Partners?

It’s fairly simple:



  1. We only onboard a handful of partners per country (maximum 10)
  2. We ensure they are serving different verticals/ markets segments
  3. We then check if potential partners share with us the same Customer Success obsession to serve their clients
  4. If everything went fine so far we officially become partners

Note: If we already have existing partners a specific verticals/markets segments we simply don’t onboard a new one.

Are you an offshore Marketing Platform implementation outsourcing provider?

We could reply Yes to this question but our model is a bit more sophisticated. We prefer to name ourselves a “Marketing Platform implementation as a service” .  Not only we are able to provide onsite presence and remote engagement but we also can help our partners market and sell Digital Marketing Platform implementation services.

Let’s Have A Talk!

Let’s book some time to know each other better and see how we can help you make your Digital Marketing Platform business opportunity a reality