Engage the entire B2B buyers’ committee across touchpoints with Marketo

Identify, engage and convert high-value leads for maximum ROI

Strategically intrigue the B2B buyer

Marketo brings capabilities for B2B companies that help simplify the increasingly complex buyer’s journey and extract maximum value from account-based marketing employment. Enable highly targeted, personalised, contextually relevant, timely and adaptive messaging for the highest ROI.

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Consolidate your data streams in one location for real-time understanding of your customers, audiences or accounts. Refine your segmentation according to the customers' specific profiles and their latest behaviour to expedite your contextualisation and personalisation efforts. Use AI to help reveal ideal target customers or accounts based on your ABM strategy.
Personalise content down to the individual level, at scale, and across channels. Use Adobe Sensei AI to analyse current content effectiveness on specific audiences, gain performance insights, and offer further recommendations to increase conversions. Ensure consistent messaging across channels by centralising your content assets within Marketo Engage.
Streamline your communications across offline and online channels such as search engines, paid media, email, web, social and mobile to improve the buyer's journey. Increase lead conversions by targeting both known and anonymous audiences and automatically personalising your messaging according to firmographic, geographic, and behavioural data.
Ensure a contextually relevant messaging practice by scoring the lead's engagement and sharing it across departments. Deploy highly personalised lead nurturing programs and maintain successful lead management from lead's first interaction to conversion. Enable automated and well-orchestrated customer experiences by centralising your marketing activities, including workflows and campaign programs, in one place.
Maximise sales efficiency and speed up your sales cycle by keeping your leads engaged across their journey and ensuring their sales-readiness. Bring more value to your buyers by aligning the entire lead management process between marketing and sales teams. Empower your sales reps to engage when the time is right by providing them with a complete history of the lead's behaviour from start to finish. Deliver consistent messaging across the buyer's journey for best results.
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Empower data-driven decision making by obtaining a holistic overview of the entire buyer's journey and the deployed activities. Analyse across content, channels and campaigns to accurately identify what impacts the marketing ROI and gain competitive advantage by replicating the successful activities. Leverage out-of-the-box multi-touch attribution models or apply AI-powered custom models to fit your need and enable data-driven growth.

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