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We are a global marketing technology consulting firm on a mission to deliver sustainable growth for ambitious clients. Partnered with leading-edge technology solution providers, our experienced team brings expertise from various industries to ensure our endeavours are always rooted in insight and technology.

We keep our gaze at the latest technology advancements to underpin innovation in everything we do. Our expertise is guided by strategic planning and understanding of highly impactful marketing activities to enable your long-term and future-proofed growth. Our methods have been tested, refined and proven repeatedly, and we are just getting started.

We Value


Applying next-generation technologies to fuel worthwhile marketing efforts is the wind in our back. We continuously discover, research, test and employ innovative technologies to measure the benefits and pave the way forward for our clients.


Building a stable base for future-ready marketing practice is our north node. We delight in designing enduring strategies tailored to meet the current conditions and strategically unfold to deliver long-term results.


Setting a firm foundation powered by advanced technology and marketing strategies allows us to drive cross-departmental alignment and monumental bottom-line improvements.


Enabling sustainable growth for our clients is the bedrock of all our activities. We love to use data, technology and expertise to inspire change, progress and high technology ROI.


Data-backed and actionable insight prompts every marketing activity we do. We dive deep to understand the markets, customers and offerings to reach absolute clarity and move forward with certainty.


Bringing simplicity and agility to the technology implementation and adoption process is one of our superpowers. Our data-driven approach illuminates the necessary steps towards agility, so you can fearlessly meet any uncertainty down the line.

The Leadership Team

Combining technology analysis, implementation and adoption expertise, the Behavioural Response team brings the far-reaching marketing and technology dimensions together. With hundreds of martech projects under his belt, the Behavioural Response founder, Yvan Grunitzky, has led an enthusiastic marketing and technology team to inspire change and leave a meaningful mark with organisations across the globe.

“In a fast-changing business environment where highly contextualised customer engagement is the new standard, we strive to maximise the result of our clients’ marketing initiatives by bridging best-in-class martech implementation services with innovative and sophisticated ways to extract their value.“

Yvan Grunitzky, CEO at Behavioural Response


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Helped 750+ clients
850+ consultation and marketing automation projects successfully delivered
39% Average increase in client revenue

How we help

Focus on the customer. Respond to signals. Maximise ROI.

Marketing Technology

We partner with leading technology solution providers to deliver digital transformation across diverse industry verticals. Whether you are selling directly to the customer or an organisation — we’ve got you covered. Let the Behavioural Response team and leading marketing technology tools elevate your business to new levels of possibility.

Omnichannel Marketing Advisory

We leverage data-driven, behavioural and omnichannel tactics to maximise the marketing technology’s return on investment. Leverage B2B Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns to shorten your sales cycle and increase the lead quality with data-driven hyper-personalisation and contextualisation across channels. Use our B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns to discover new customer segments, increase customer lifetime value and stay on top of customers’ minds. Check our Customer Journey Optimisation service to learn how we can help improve the customer experience and with it, boost customer loyalty.

Data and Sentiment Analysis

We construct and stimulate technology to discover the untapped potential behind consumer behavioural signals. By using customer-centric tools such as Customer Data Platform along with next-gen technologies, such as Sentiment Analysis, we can thin the veil between your company and customers. By listening to the customer’s behaviour, we design and deliver concrete actions to strike a chord with your customers and make them remember the experience you provided them.

Data Privacy Compliance

We help you establish a trusting brand image and mitigate any data privacy risks. Our team will identify and log your data sources to design highly regulated processes to raise and maintain your reputation standards. With us, your data collection and processing becomes compliant, secure, and easily scalable. Radiate trust across the globe with our Data Privacy Compliance service.

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