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Observe, build and grow with Behavioural Response.



Understand your customer’s underlying characteristics with data-driven and AI-fueled industry insight. Uncover the behavioural patterns that drive the connected consumers today, across the globe. With us, you learn how to walk in your customer’s shoes to accelerate his buyer’s journey and maximise your martech ROI.


Structure your organisation to satisfy the ever-changing customer. Set the stage for the customer-centric mindset to settle into your company’s bloodstream. Analyse where you stand now to master your path forward and bridge the gap to where you want to be. Overcome any obstacles with strategic, insightful and skilful action.


Expand your marketing practice with data-driven and iterative methods to fast-track your growth and assure agility for the future. Root into the insight to grow with stability and security. With Behavioural Response by your side, every single marketing activity is result-driven, proven and securely scalable.


Financial Services

Leverage the consumer’s behaviour shifting from previously dominant in-person appointments towards new channels, including mobile apps and online transaction platforms. Stay ahead of the competition and deliver a truly seamless omnichannel experience with unified data management practice and strategic marketing process automation.

Uplift your customer satisfaction rates and seamlessly align your offering across channels while staying secure and compliant.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Accelerate leading-edge treatment and healthcare delivery by adopting new process automation and marketing practices. Align your internal operations to reflect the customers’ demand by unifying your data, setting higher customer experience standards and delivering a memorable journey where it matters the most. Utilise AI applications to better understand your customer’s pain points and listen to their sentiment to provide needle-moving value across touchpoints.

Consumer Goods

Show up with empathy and bring convenience when customers need it the most. Market your products at the right place and right time by leveraging next-gen technology applications and strategic insight. Uncover new customer behavioural patterns to double down on the activities that drive tangible results. Maximise your market presence with adaptive, omnipresent and future-proofed campaigns designed to induce trust and stability, continuously serving customers regardless of the ever-evolving circumstances and the market state.


Ride the momentum of digital transformation that is currently forging new operational pathways in manufacturing. Set the firm foundation with the strategic use of technology platforms to drive alignment between internal departments and enable a customer-centric future. Leverage innovative technology applications to better understand your customers’ needs, provide a seamless customer journey, and ensure a high level of customer loyalty.


Enable a 360-degree customer view to deliver highly contextual, targeted and personalised messaging to advance your customer acquisition practice and pave the way to customer advocacy. Design marketing programs that listen, process and swiftly act upon the latest industry shifts and customers’ buying signals to bring the commerce where customers expect it. Embrace new channels with a proactive, customer-centric and planned approach to create a trusting brand image that customers want to engage with repeatedly.


Ensure high-quality service delivery by cutting down the low-impact marketing tactics and direct your efforts towards what brings results. Integrate your systems to enable consistent communications with your customers during every stage of their journey. Apply granular segmentation to deliver contextualised and hyper-personalised messaging according to the particular segment’s characteristics. Enable your marketers to quickly deploy next-gen technologies with integrated solutions between departments that support seamless customer experiences instead of complicating them.

Energy & Utilities

Show up as an industry leader to strengthen customer relationships and induce trust. Use technology advancement to understand the market trends, customer behavioural shifts and newly emerging preferences to stay ahead of the competition. Build the customer-centric future by merging the gained insight with your marketing initiatives. Use technology to ensure regulatory compliance, operational agility and stay prepared for any uncertainty that comes your way.


Engage your customers in accordance with their current circumstances to build long-lasting and loyal relationships. Advance your customer segmentation, targeting and messaging to drive sustainable growth and yield long-term benefits. Find your customers’ behavioural drivers and preferences by applying AI-powered analytics tools. Ensure omnipresent expansion by digging into the customer data and industry insight to find the optimal mix of result-driven, behavioural and omnichannel marketing activities.


Easily engage and direct the messaging across the masses, and yet deliver personalisation where it matters. Stay on top of your marketing practice by deploying next-gen technologies that align, automate and optimise your marketing delivery. Bring the future closer to the public while ensuring your practice is secure, stable and compliant across markets, territories and channels.

Public Sector

Serve the community with leading-edge marketing solutions that drive alignment between internal users as well as bringing benefits to public users. Maintain a high level of service by underpinning the latest marketing technology advancements into your delivery. Embrace the future with a strategic and well-serving attitude to create a memorable experience for every consumer engaging with your organisation.

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