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How do we implement Marketing Automation Platforms?

Our distributed team allows us offering a cost effective on-site/remote delivery model servicing clients all around the world

Discover our proven 6-steps agile methodology made by marketers for marketers to implement marketing automation platforms

Step 1: Meet our Project Team

Meet your Project Success Specialist

  • Generally multiple languages (French, english, portuguese and/or spanish)
  • Advanced Marketing strategist and IT complex project management background
  • Ensure project is a success by
    managing actively the project team

Meet the Marketing Platform implementation team

  • Marketing Automation implementation certified specialists
  • Delivered numerous project of different sizes for clients of various industries
  • Strong Digital Marketing/Technical background

Depending on the project size or complexity this phase can be made on your site or remotely

Now you are in good company let more to the next step

Step 2: Analysis of your context and requirements

Contrarily to the biggest part of the players of the market we don’t perform a simple functional analysis to see if your requirements can be implemented or not.

We decided to go (way) deeper to ensure the great success of your Marketing Automation Platform implementation.

Our skill sets allow us to challenge your requirements from a business, functionnal and technical perspective to validate the best solution to implement to achieve your goals.

Depending on the project size or complexity this phase can be made on your site or remotely

So far you have met the project team and have your solution designed

Now, let’s jump to the build phase

Step 3: Build of your Marketing Automation solution

Your solution is based on standard configuration up or require heavy advanced custom development?

We’re ready to deal with it.

During a Marketing Automation Platform implementation, our build approach always follows the best practices.


The build phase is performed remotely

You like the solution we built for you? Awesome! Let’s show it to the world

Step 4 : Deployment and Go-Live of your Marketing Automation solution

Once we ensured your solution meet the highest quality standards, we’ll prepare it for the D day where your team will start using it. Our project team will be ready and fully committed to support your business team on-boarding.

Our project team will deploy your Marketing Automation solution remotely

Need your Marketing Team members to become quickly power users of  your Marketing Automation solution? Let us train them.

Step 5: Training and Support

Once the Marketing Automation Platform implementation completed, we can train your team to feel at their absolute ease with the solution.

The trainings can be customized according to their needs to turn them into real Marketing Automation gurus.

Training can be delivered on your site or remotely .

Step 6: Need us to help you scale up?

New super power brings new super duty, that’s why help you make the most out of your Marketing Automation solution by allowing you truly focus on what truly matters: GROW YOUR BUSINESS. We can take care of:

  •  The technical support/administration of your solution
  • Your campaigns automation continuous improvement