How to create the perfect omnichannel strategy – Part 1

Discover to how to create the best omnichannel strategy for your business so you can increase the ROI of your marketing initiatives


Omnichannel is the hot new buzzword used in discussions about customer experience.

According to a 2020 report, the number of businesses investing in omnichannel customer experience has jumped from 20% to over 80% in the last decade.

With most companies behind in their CX transformation, omnichannel strategies have become the holy grail of customer engagement, but it still remains complex for a lot of businesses to implement because they don’t know where to start.

So whether you are a Marketing or Customer Experience executive it will only take 3 minutes to choose the right way to set solid foundations for Omnichannel marketing initiatives.


I’m Darcy and here at Behavioural Response we help mid-sized to large businesses leverage omnichannel capabilities and marketing technology to get more qualified leadsincrease sales and customers’ engagement.

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Right now, let’s talk about what matters for you and your company: Omnichannel Strategy.

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In its definition, Omnichannel marketing uses digital and or traditional marketing channels to send a relevant message to a brand’s customers regardless of the customer engaging with the brand or the channels used to engage.

An effective Omnichannel marketing strategy makes a business available on the channels the customers prefer, unify companies brand experience, amplify your message across channels via experiential storytelling.

Let’s clarify that a multi-channel strategy is often looked upon as the Omnichannel strategy, which is not the case. It spans several different channels like social, mobile, direct mail and a physical location.

Every channel is separate and independent from the others and works in a vacuum each with its own strategy and goals. The lack of integration from a multi-channel approach can create a confusing and impersonal experience that often leaves shoppers feeling frustrated. So first of all the most significant benefit of an Omnichannel strategy is a better customer experience.

Customers interact with brands through advertising, social media, website, e-commerce platforms, brick and mortar stores. The Omnichannel approach makes that experience more personalized and tailored to their needs.

In other words you won’t be trying to establish communication with them in the wrong place at the wrong time. Talking to your customers where they are more willing comfortable and ready leads to increased customer loyalty, better conversations and more word of mouth advocacy.

Secondly successful Omnichannel strategies lead to better marketing campaigns. With all that data on their hands brands can craft better marketing messages and target more specific audiences using different channels.

Be it a newsletter with personalized must-haves that your customers have been lurking through or a 20% off on a Facebook page, each one of your customers will love it, because they’ve received the message they love through the channel they enjoy!

Thirdly, a company with an omnichannel strategy has several data sources. This allows them to understand customer touchpoints (points of communication) better which allows them to design a customer journey more authentic, tailored to their customer’s needs.

Moreover, this kind of data can be interpreted in new product design, or new feature development as well as detecting new trends on the market.

I bet you are thinking: it looks great to have a higher-performance in ads, in marketing efforts, and to not waste your company’s time and budget as well as your lead’s time and interest.

But how do you build a unified omnichannel strategy? Could you do it in-house? Could you do it on your own? Is it worth it?

In the second part of this video, you will finally have the answers to develop or improve your omnichannel strategy. I will share what has been more efficient, actionable and valuable for the companies to strategize, implement and scale omnichannel programs.

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