Behavioural Response Podcast

Stratégies et tactiques pour améliorer le retour sur investissement de vos initiatives marketing en utilisant le marketing omnicanal, l’automatisation du marketing et les martechs

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EP 36: Reinventing The Customer Experience

How can businesses sustain profitability in the current climate and continue offering a seamless customer experience (CX)? Subscribe Share Share on linkedin Share on facebook...

Data Visualisation Tools comparison

EP 35: Comparison of 14 Data

Do you want to make better decisions for your company’s success, but don’t know how? You could be making better decisions with the right data...

Data Visualisation Tool Comparison

EP 34: Comparison of 14 Data

Do you want to adopt a data visualisation tool to help with your decision making? Data visualisation software is the key to unlocking insights that...

CDP comparison

EP 33: Customer Feedback – Comparison

Are you considering Implementing a Customer Data Platform (CDP) solution? Here’s a comprehensive comparison guide of 11 industry-leading Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) to create a...

silence customers

EP 32: Customer Feedback – When

Customer feedback is a treasure trove of groundbreaking ideas. It helps you see your business strategy from a different perspective and gives you the tools...

omnichannel pricing

EP 31: How To Get Your

There are three main omnichannel pricing strategies to consider whether you’re pricing products for your website, your physical store, or beyond— and here’s everything you...

Certaines des entreprises que nous avons aidés à avoir plus de succès

Vous voulez en savoir plus sur la façon dont nous pouvons vous aider avec vos initiatives Martech et omnicanales stratégiques ?

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Que pouvons-nous vous aider à trouver?
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