Be at the frontier of digitalised customer experience

Enable marketing technology and strategic omnichannel engagement to drive Energy and Utilities organisations superior results

Leverage rich customer data to your benefit

Design end-to-end personalised customer journeys by creating a systematic, future-focused, and strategic framework for your marketing programs. Utilise technology advancements to build processes that will uncover blind spots, automate, drive revenue, and elevate the customer experience to a new level.


Orchestrate the customer experience across web, mobile, or IoT channels to grow customers’ trust and increase loyalty.
Future-proof your digitalisation with next-gen technologies that help deliver your messaging coherently while saving time.

Position the company as the industry leader in customers’ eyes by designing AI-powered routes to engagement. Stay on top of ever-evolving energy transmission and distribution trends by analysing the market shifts and addressing them with meaning and context in mind.
Transmission & Distribution
Modernise any dated engagement methods to match the increased customer expectations. Fuel data-driven decision making with first-party data collection. Maintain relevance and contextual understanding by leveraging technology tools that bring customers to the front stage.
Accelerate business growth by streamlining manual processes, improving technology systems, and creating coherent cross-channel messaging. Build a modern and strategic marketing technology foundation that will iron out operational inefficiencies and keep customers happy while increasing the company profit.
Stay ahead of the competition and move with market shifts by analysing the sentiment behind brand mentions across channels. Build strategic marketing initiatives based on data-driven insight, iterate when necessary, and continue to evolve with your customers.
Power Generation
Centralise your engagement data into one unified platform to continue to optimise the delivery, service, or sales. Strategise and automate any marketing-related activities, including branding, awareness generation, or message delivery across channels.
Natural Gas
Showcase the leading-edge positioning through contextual, relevant, and customer-sensitive messaging practice. Align and simplify marketing efforts across departments, channels, and markets with strategic technology implementation and utilisation practice.
Renewable Energy

Where are you now? We help you build a strong foundation to keep up with the pace of digital transformation strategically. We ensure your sustainable growth by firstly reviewing the current maturity level of your marketing technology deployments and applied practices.

Where do you want to go? We build upon your vision of desired outcomes by bringing our marketing modernisation expertise. We help you design a tailored approach towards your digital transformation to produce tangible results for your bottom line.

How can you get there? We create a strategic roadmap to help you optimise your marketing delivery and leverage all opportunities to enrich your customers’ lives. Our data-driven insight and technology know-how will ensure you continuously and proactively meet changing customers’ demands.

Connect with your
digitally-savvy customers


Become customer-centric

Understand your customers’ ever-changing needs, uncover emerging trends, and align your messaging to subtle differences in your customer cohorts.
Identify the underlying drivers of your customers’ behaviours, create a behaviour-driven marketing practice, and build trust by staying customer-sensitive and empathy-led.


Establish one-on-one customer relationships with a single customer view updated in real-time. Design contextual, relevant, and timely company responses using the most convenient engagement channels.
Leverage AI-fueled analytics to always stay on top of emerging customers’ behaviours and requirements. Predict the next steps and design iterative campaigns to stay relevant at all times.

Optimise engagement channels

Design a future-focused omnichannel approach by leveraging next-gen technologies. Build a clear customer data management framework, secure a continuous stream of rich first-party data from various channels, and utilise it by deploying behaviour-driven and anticipatory marketing campaigns.


Discover new opportunities for marketing optimisation and internal teams’ alignment by delivering a shared view of changing customers’ circumstances. Automate and streamline processes to elevate the customer experience and save time across departments.

Stay compliant

Enable cross-departmental data privacy regulation practices to protect your brand’s good reputation. Become a beacon of trust and reliability by staying on top of the latest updates in data compliance regulations.

Future-proof your business

Remain at the leading edge of service delivery by providing a future-focused and customer-centric experience. Leverage social media, mobile, and IoT channels to collect relevant customers’ data and run AI-fueled analytics to secure your competitive advantage.

Increase agility

Strategically collect and analyse customers’ historical and real-time behavioural data to uncover emerging trends and build predictive models that will help anticipate customers’ next steps.

Our Services

Focus on the customer. Respond to signals. Maximise ROI. 

Marketing Technology

We partner with leading technology solution providers to deliver digital transformation across diverse industry verticals. Whether you are selling directly to the customer or an organisation — we’ve got you covered. Let the Behavioural Response team and leading marketing technology tools elevate your business to new levels of possibility.

Omnichannel Marketing Advisory

We leverage data-driven, behavioural and omnichannel tactics to maximise the marketing technology’s return on investment. Leverage B2B Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns to shorten your sales cycle and increase the lead quality with data-driven hyper-personalisation and contextualisation across channels. Use our B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns to discover new customer segments, increase customer lifetime value and stay on top of customers’ minds. Check our Customer Journey Optimisation service to learn how we can help improve the customer experience and with it, boost customer loyalty.

Data and Sentiment Analysis

We construct and stimulate technology to discover the untapped potential behind consumer behavioural signals. By using customer-centric tools such as Customer Data Platform along with next-gen technologies, such as Sentiment Analysis, we can thin the veil between your company and customers. By listening to the customer’s behaviour, we design and deliver concrete actions to strike a chord with your customers and make them remember the experience you provided them.

Data Privacy Compliance

We help you establish a trusting brand image and mitigate any data privacy risks. Our team will identify and log your data sources to design highly regulated processes to raise and maintain your reputation standards. With us, your data collection and processing becomes compliant, secure, and easily scalable. Radiate trust across the globe with our Data Privacy Compliance service.

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