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fuel marketing initiatives and maximise your martech ROI

Sentiment Analysis and
Predictive Modeling

Analyse the sentiment behind online brand mentions to detect opportunities to improve your marketing initiatives as well as sales, service and product. Use sentiment analysis to determine the emotional signature behind digital mentions of your brand. Sentiment Analysis uses AI-powered identification and analysis to mine natural language and classify it as positive, negative or neutral.

Uncover customer’s sentiment about the product or service, related issues, resistance in the customer experience, competitor’s market placement, upcoming regulatory needs, emerging market trends or the prevailing sentiment within your organisational structure, such as partner relationships.

How we do it

We partner with leading Sentiment Analysis solution providers to serve your best interest. We advise you on the choice of solutions, set the system according to your needs, onboard your users and share best practices to help you achieve greatness.


Analyse the customer’s emotions in real-time, during engagement with you or other entities online. Use real-time feedback to deliver an agile and understanding company response continuously. Receive alerts to stay in the know and respond when the customer needs you most.


Gain quick insight on customer’s sentiment to benefit various departments, whether it’s sales, service, marketing or diving deep into the opinions of internal or external organisational stakeholders. Align cross-departmental collaboration and messaging with certainty and confidence.


Leverage our choice of partners to explore what your customers think in a broad range of languages, such as Mandarin, Spanish, French, English or Portuguese, among many more.


Set and optimise the analysis according to your specific organisational structure. Deploy analysis across B2B, B2C, nonprofits or governmental institutions.


In addition to your own stakeholders, you will have 500 stakeholders available such as digital media, opinion leaders, blogs and influencers at no additional cost.


Tailor the approach to your specific needs by leveraging our fully customisable sentiment analysis solutions.

Stay ahead with the right partner

Gain competitive advantage with our choice of partners of industry-leading sentiment analysis platform providers.
TeX.ai is available in multiple languages to identify, process and classify customer sentiment.
AInfinity is a sentiment-processing solution in real-time, with strong risk-assessment capacity.
Lexalytics is available to deploy on-premises or in private cloud, with ability to process high volumes of data, especially effective in medical use cases.
Hootsuite Insights
Hootsuite Insights powered by Brandwatch provides user-friendly sentiment analysis, tracking specific emotions, like anger and joy, over time.
Innova is a user-friendly and insightful sentiment analysis solution available in multiple languages.
Custom solution
Deploy an existent sentiment analysis tool from your martech stack or tailor a solution to fit your specific needs.

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Let AI monitor for you

Extract information from any digital medium and deliver intelligence about its market, industry and stakeholders
Enrich your customer segments by adding the extracted real-time behavioural data
Turn the current insight into future forecasts to maximise the value for both company and customer
Sort or download thousands of brand-relevant mentions in
Predict future outcomes based on analysed behavioural patterns and receive trend or opportunity alerts

Analyse customer sentiment across channels

Get a holistic overview of customers’ sentiment by monitoring your brand mentions in every corner of the digital world.

Reap The Benefits

Improve bottom line
Leverage sentiment analytics to act when and where it matters. Mitigate unnecessary costs and double down on the activities that bring actual value.
Maximise ROI
Deploy sentiment analysis to dig out and fix any product or service related issues while magnifying the recognised advantages to maximise your ROI.
Boost customer experience
Enable sentiment analysis to find customer experience blocks and smoothen the journey according to your customer’s preference.
Better targeting
Improve your customer targeting by applying the sentiment insight and deliver high-yielding marketing ads and campaigns that strike a chord and move the needle in the right direction.
Tap into customer’s emotions
Build positive emotional connections with your customers by understanding what really moves them and what they don’t care much about. Boost customer loyalty by employing empathy in your messaging.
Reduce cost
Circumvent any unnecessary advertisement investments, and apply your resources to the most beneficial marketing activities. Know when and how to deliver your messages for the highest satisfaction of your customers.
Mitigate risk
Use the data-driven insight to stay on top of your operations and market presence. Increase your organisational response agility by uncovering upcoming risks in the future.
Tap into customer’s emotions
Analyse the positioning of your customers, competitors or public audience to understand what opportunities are yet to be seized. Uncover competitors’ weak spots or gaps to show up as a trusting brand where they have missed the mark.
Forecast trends
Analyse past and present behavioural patterns across channels to understand the market movement, stay a step ahead of your competition, and anticipate optimal product or service delivery time and place.
Protect your brand image
Stay on top of public brand mentions to stay in control of your brand image and reputation. Use real-time sentiment analysis to show up when the customer needs you most.
Increase sales
Listen to your customers to understand what features and benefits ring their bells and apply the insight to gain new customers. Improve your positioning, delivery and sales to maximise profit and secure a bright company future.
Refine customer service
Use the real-time sentiment processing feature to build a better service delivery model and ensure your high-value customers enjoy a seamless journey with your company.

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