Comparison of 14 Digital Asset Management (DAM) Platforms – Part 2 of 2

Learn about Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms and the differences among the industry-leading DAM vendors.

In the first part of this blog series, we compared the following DAMs:

  1. Adobe Experience Manager
  2. Aprimo
  3. Sitecore
  4. Widen
  5. Bynder
  6. Mediabeacon

And in this part, we will compare:

  1. Salesforce Experience Cloud
  2. MediaValet
  3. Bloomreach Experience
  4. Kentico Xperience
  5. Progress Sitefinity
  6. Liferay Digital Experience Platform
  7. Acquia Digital Experience Platform
  8. OpenText Experience Platform

If you are looking for a DAM, remember that the solution’s compatibility will eventually be your business’ decision – to measure against your requirements. However, we will inform by following our knowledge of the market offerings and useful technology enablement.

Even though we took extra care to provide the latest information available in early 2022 for the above solutions, companies should always perform an in-depth review for themselves, as SaaS solutions tend to upgrade multiple times per year.

Comparison of 8 industry-leading digital asset management (DAM) platforms


Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud positions itself as a single point ecosystem that helps companies connect customers, partners, and teams to ensure a smooth streamline of business operations and communications. 

The platform is particularly suitable for geographically dispersed employees, as it features an employee portal where teams can be organised based on projects, allowing them to access records, share files, and collaborate easily. 

Moreover, marketers can access, produce, and distribute content across every customer segment with built-in content templates and visualisations, making it a suitable platform for businesses looking to reduce friction and improve marketing processes.

Salesforce Experience Cloud DAM


MediaValet is a cloud-based enterprise-grade platform focused on providing a highly-secure DAM solution for rich media content. Mainly targeted at medium-to-large enterprises, creative teams can use MediaValet as a library to store, manage, distribute and collaborate on the business’s digital assets. 

A scalable solution for complex organisational needs, this DAM is built on the Azure platform and includes AI auto-tagging for innovative asset organisation, rendering, and resizing, among other features. It also offers unlimited users, 24/7 expert support, and high-speed data centres for a robust customer experience. 

MediaValet DAM

Bloomreach Experience

Bloomreach Experience is a cloud-based digital experience management platform that caters to modern businesses that prioritise the customer experience. The vendor praises its three core pillars – customer data platform, AI-driven Bloomreach engagement, and headless content management system. 

The platform’s core strength lies in workflows that allow marketers to collaborate on content production and publication while seamlessly tracking edits or rolling back unwanted changes.

Bloomreach Experience also offers internal information-sharing solutions such as a corporate intranet, a central data hub, and HR administration functions, allowing creative teams to deliver more personalised content.

BloomreachExperience DAM

Kentico Xperience

Based on a hybrid (on-site and SaaS) hosting model, Kentico Xperience is a platform that blends content management, digital marketing, and commerce. The tool boasts a plethora of products, including content management, digital marketing, digital commerce, customer data platform, automation, and analytics. 

Kentico Xperience facilitates seamless management of digital assets thanks to its integration with Media Library and Bynder’s DAM. Besides, the platform includes a fully integrated content repository that allows uploading, storing, and leveraging any asset while automated content management workflows and versioning increase content’s speed to market.

Notably, the platform includes a powerful built-in photo editor, AI image recognition, and dimensions adaptation, enabling the automation of visual content production.

KenticoXperience DAM

Progress Sitefinity

Progress Sitefinity is a web content management system designed to help businesses create cross-channel experiences by engaging, converting, and retaining visitors throughout the customer lifecycle.

Its core capabilities for marketers centre upon customer journey personalisation, content management, digital commerce, multichannel management, and web chatbot.

The vendor prides itself on its multilingual and multichannel content delivery and a central API-driven DAM solution with industry-leading desktop-like experience, in addition to advanced backed media search by library, tags, categories, and URLs.

Progress Sitefinity DAM

Liferay Digital Experience Platform

Liferay Digital Experience Platform is an enterprise-grade solution that helps companies create and link tailored digital experiences across all digital touchpoints.

Unique platform’s highlights include a robust horizontal portal platform with granular user permissions, role-based content delivery, and a single-on function for consolidated access. 

The vendor also provides an efficient DAM and enterprise file sync and share service integrated with workflow solutions. Thus, users can store visual and audio assets in a central depository while keeping track of content updates and effectively collaborating on content production projects.

Liferay Digital Experience Platform

Acquia DXP

Acquia Digital Experience Platform is a solution optimised for Drupal to provide a seamless orchestration of customer journey via a single platform.

Among its core features is a digital asset management platform that enables marketers and developers to scale content production. The DAM features categorisation, metadata schemas, version control, and archive for easy organisation, storage, and end-of-cycle asset archive. 

Additionally, Acquia acquired Widen in September 2021, adding a fully integrated Widen DAM as part of the Acquia DXP solution. However, both solutions can still be used separately or together. Find more info about the acquisition here. Otherwise, check our first part of the series to learn more about how Widen compares with other DAMs in the market.

Furthermore, Acquia stands out from its competitors due to its comprehensive analytics function that allows businesses to track asset utilisation to inform future marketing campaigns. 

Acquia Cloud Platform

OpenText Experience Platform

Designed for marketing and line-of-business teams, OpenText Experience Platform offers highly-scalable capabilities to drive omnichannel customer experiences. 

Its proprietary DAM, OpenText Media Management, provides innovative content cataloging and distribution solutions across the entire digital ecosystem. The platform can be deployed in any cloud or data centre and can support a wide range of files, optimising their storage and accessibility across multiple users.

Additionally, this DAM features a powerful search function with AI-driven image tagging capability replacing manual tasks. Meanwhile, robust automation systems and workflows increase media agility and content production.

The vendor also runs a training academy to help users develop the creative and technical skills required to leverage the platform’s capabilities.

OpenText Experience Platform

Final thoughts

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