B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns

Offer an unforgettable experience to your customers by engaging them across channels and offering them a highly personalised journey

B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns

help organisations leverage marketing technology to identify critical customer behaviour and respond with adaptive, contextual and hyper-personalised messaging. B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns apply marketing data to create segments based on subtle customer characteristics such as demographics, preferred channels, beliefs, values, and behavioural patterns to meet customers where they are and reveal a contextually relevant path to purchase.

The Behavioural Campaigns Benefits

Maximise ROI

Discover the immense potential behind your marketing technology by properly utilising its capabilities and unveiling any dormant features that bring value to the customer.

Generate new revenue by applying technology strategically and cost-effectively.

Become customer-centric

Set your company up for success by implementing data-driven and technology-led marketing practices to ensure customer-centricity.

Create a successful company future by focusing on what matters the most.

Increase customer lifetime value

Delight your customers with relevant and contextually appropriate offers to cultivate long-term benefits, including increased lifetime value.

Make your customers come back for more by building a trusting and mutually beneficial relationship with your company.

Uncover new customer segments

Monetise omitted customer segments by exercising strategic segmentation. Design highly relevant customer journeys that yield results over more extended periods.

Leave no customer behind and understand every behavioural pattern behind various customer cohorts.

Increase customer engagement

Connect with customers on their terms by dynamically engaging with relevant and highly personalised messages.

Establish trusting relationships and drive engagement forward organically. Collect customer insight to keep your communications consistent and value-driven at all times.

Boost brand awareness

Reach new markets with specifically designed, omnipresent and highly-targeted campaigns.

Devise relevant messaging to boost brand awareness among primary customer segments and reveal new opportunities to offer added value to customers.

Fuel product or service launch

Empower product launches by uncovering specific customer segments, their preferred journey and behavioural patterns.

Promote your offering to highly-targeted customer groups, look-a-like audiences and contextually appropriate markets to maximise the impact of your efforts.

Achieve brand advocacy

Create memorable and value-filled customer experiences to pave the way to brand advocacy.

Leverage customer data to identify your customers’ most profound wants and needs to bring an unshakeable level of service and enjoy the benefits of such an approach.

Become agile

Iterate and adapt quickly as per the market shifts. Enable real-time data collection and sentiment analysis to stay on top of your customers’ minds and swiftly pivot your messaging to match their changing behaviour.

Stay relevant and valuable regardless of the external circumstances.

Case study: how B2C Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns help retailers increase revenue

B2C Behavioural Campaigns Impact

Behavioural Campaigns help organisations safely expand their marketing practice and achieve results such as increased profits, customer-centricity, empowering digital transformation, and organisational agility.

Our B2C clients have seen results such as:

  • Increased basket size
  • Maximised technology ROI
  • Increased sales
  • Higher customer engagement rates
  • Increased marketing agility
  • Decrease in lost sales opportunities

The need for B2C Behavioural Campaigns

Behavioural Campaigns are the bridge between the latest technology innovations and changing customer demands. Organisations nowadays have enormous potential with their martech stack, and often it’s underutilised. Working with various companies across different markets, we noticed the tendency for companies to invest a significant amount of resources in implementing technology solutions with no clear plan to maximise return on investment.

Digital transformation is only the first step. Applying the new marketing practice rooted in a data-driven, strategic, compliant and customer-centric mentality is the next step.

Behavioural Response created Behavioural Campaigns to supply the demand and help our clients progress on their digital transformation journey while keeping agility as their foundation.

Our process

We apply our awareness of underlying behavioural drivers across different market segments and territories along with our marketing technology expertise and countless lessons derived from successful projects to deliver groundbreaking upgrades. Our practice is always result-driven, focused on improving the bottom line, and we let excellence imprint every step of the way.

We are curious about human nature, which drives us to discover the subtle behavioural patterns that indicate new sales potential. Our process is adaptable to your circumstances, continuously leveraging data and following regulatory practices to create the best possible results.

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