B2C and Omnichannel Marketing Cloud Platform

Build personalised and long-lasting customer relationships with Marketing Cloud platforms

Personalise at scale and ensure a customer-centric future with industry-leading B2C marketing automation platforms and a savvy implementation partner.

Why us

We know the technology also demands a strategic application process. By cutting out unnecessary jargon, we bridge the gap between the latest technology solutions and your current requirements, experiences and capabilities. Our focus is on delivering leading-edge, industry-specific and innovative answers to our client’s most significant pain points. With us, you grow safely and steadily at the pace you are comfortable with.

Behavioural Response is all about improving your bottom line.

Find the cracks in your strategy
750+ businesses upgraded
Uncover dormant potential
850+ technology implementations completed
Mould your path forward
39% average revenue boost
Build a leading-edge solution
48% average marketing technology cost reduction

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  • Real-time omnichannel personalisation capabilities
  • Broad range of advanced Marketing Automation features
  • Next-gen analytics Einstein AI
  • Seamless integration with market-leading CRMs
  • New product releases 3X per year
  • Rich ecosystem of support & knowledge-sharing communities
  • Gartner-endorsed Leader for Multichannel Marketing Hubs

Why AEC?

  •  Real-time omnichannel personalisation capabilities
  •  Extensive choice of cutting-edge Marketing Automation features
  •  Next-gen analytics
  • Adobe Sensei AI
  • Seamless integration with market-leading CRMs and Adobe Creative Cloud
  • New product releases several times per year
  • Support system & knowledge-sharing communities
  • Gartner-endorsed Leader in Digital Experience Platforms


  • Real-time business intelligence
  • Omnichannel personalisation capabilities
  • Available integrations with a large variety of SAP solutions
  • Possible integration with external SAP Commerce and C/4HANA systems
  • End-to-end Marketing Automation features
  • Built-in base of Predictive Analysis algorithms
  • Four decades of continuous innovation
  • Active SAP community
  • Gartner-endorsed Leader for Multichannel Marketing Hubs

The Implementation Process

We introduce you to your designated team of experienced implementation specialists, certified marketing automation enthusiasts and advanced marketing strategists.
We holistically analyse your current maturity stage to set the path for implementation success. Our team will dig deep to uncover your pain points and any outstanding requirements.
We apply our know-how of technology, marketing and your circumstances to ensure the most accessible way forward. We design the solution that fits your use case like a glove.
We go live with the solution while ensuring constant alignment with your business team. We onboard users as per the project’s initial plan.
We ensure the users are up to full speed with the new solution by providing insight and guidance tailored to meet the team’s technical and marketing acumen and directed at the company’s vision of the future.
We design marketing activities that engage your prospects and improve the bottom line. We help administer and employ the full technical capacities of your marketing automation platform to maximise its ROI.

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