B2B Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns

Maximise the capabilities of B2B Marketing Automation technology with Omnichannel Integrated Marketing to drive superior results

B2B Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns

Help organisations leverage their marketing technology to target buyers based on their account profile, characteristics, preferences, and place in the decision-making process to increase sales strategically. Behavioural Campaigns for B2B companies merge the most impactful marketing techniques, such as Account-based Marketing, Omnichannel Marketing, Integrated Marketing, and Event-driven Marketing to deliver outstanding results.

The Behavioural Campaigns Benefits

Maximise ROI

Drive superior results by enabling your current marketing technology stack to utilise the leading-edge and dormant capabilities for maximum return on investment. Fine-tune your marketing activities to match the exact need of each prospect.

Discover the immense potential behind your marketing technology that brings value both to the prospect and the organisation.

Increased sales

Leverage marketing technology for enhanced prospect understanding and setting a hyper-personalised and account-based marketing practice.

Uncover what are the key drivers behind prospect behaviour to inspire data-driven action at each stage of the buyer’s journey.
Cut costs and increase sales by targeting the right decision-makers with contextual messaging.

High-value lead generation

Advance your lead generation practice by providing relevant, hyper-personalised, and contextual messaging to help win over high-value prospects or accounts.

Understand the behaviour pattern behind each interaction to respond with a high level of relevancy for refined lead generation and nurturing practice.

Buyer committee alignment

Collect insight about each member of the buyer’s committee to streamline communications and facilitate alignment between them.

B2B Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns enable targeted messaging according to goals, needs and desires of different team members to drive the consensus within the large buying committees.

Shortened sales cycle

Enable faster buyer decisions by providing relevant information at the most convenient time for the specific prospect. Run data analytics and predictive modeling to design the swiftest path to purchase.

Determine the right channel, time, ad or content for every prospect according to their preference. Identify sales-ready behavioural signals to uncover more opportunities and appropriate avenues to increased revenue.

Amplified brand message

Become omnipresent and consistent with your messaging to amplify the brand authority. Direct your message to channels in a targeted manner to increase prospect’s engagement and your influence.

Build lasting relationships by showcasing your understanding and
empathy to increase trust and steadily drive the conversation further.

Improved pipeline

Determine actions and strategies that are most likely to succeed according to the particular account.

Leverage data-driven marketing practices such as predictive modeling to collect insight about the account’s preferences and empower the delivery of the most relevant messages in every stage of the buyer’s purchase journey.

Agile marketing efforts

Inspire dynamic and agile marketing activities to meet new market changes quickly.

Enable real-time data collection and sentiment analysis to stay on top of your prospect’s minds and swiftly pivot your messaging to match their changing behaviour.

Cross-departmental alignment

Unify the organisational efforts to enable exceptional customer experience. Improve the prospect’s journey by unifying their account data under one platform and provide analytics for continuous optimisation.

Unlock the cross-departmental prospect-related insight to minimise discrepancies in the buyer’s journey and increase your marketing effectiveness.

Case study: B2B Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns for consumer goods industry

B2B Behavioural Campaigns Impact

Use B2B Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns to meet the changing prospect behaviour. Leverage the advancements in technology and the accelerated adoption of a digital-first mentality to collect relevant account or prospect data to provide a hyper-personalised experience and reap the benefits of such an approach.

Our B2B clients have seen results such as:

  • Maximised technology ROI
  • Increased sales
  • Higher prospect engagement rates
  • Marketing agility
  • Decrease in lost sales opportunities
  • Sales cycle length reduction
  • Increase of closed-won deals
  • Improved pipeline

The need for B2B Behavioural Campaigns

The need for B2B Behavioural Campaigns
B2B buyers are embracing digital channels as primary avenues to new purchases. Yet, the B2B environment is experiencing challenges such as:

  • Investment anxiety
  • Intensified negotiation practice
  • Decreasing sales numbers
  • Longer sales cycles

Post-COVID B2B buyers will naturally lean towards businesses that show empathy and understanding of their new circumstances and can solve their most significant pain points. For this reason, B2B organisations that aren’t agile enough to embrace the new approach and shift to evolving market needs will experience a hard time operating in the future.

B2B Omnichannel Behavioural Campaigns enable future-ready organisations to apply their marketing technology to create and win new business intelligently and at scale.

Our process

We apply our awareness of underlying behavioural drivers across different market segments and territories, our marketing technology expertise, and countless lessons derived from successful projects to deliver groundbreaking upgrades. Our practice is always result-driven, focused on improving the bottom line, and we let excellence imprint every step of the way.

We are curious about human nature, which drives us to discover the subtle behavioural patterns that indicate new sales potential. Our process is adaptable to your circumstances, continuously leveraging data and following regulatory practices to create the best possible results.

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